I trekked a vast radius of midtown this afternoon, in stilettos, in the pouring rain, apartment hunting. If there were hills involved, I imagine it would have been uphill both ways.

After one douche bag blew me off entirely, I came across a charming, definitely leaning left, five story walkup in Hell’s Kitchen. A stunning Russian girl with waist-length, black hair greeted me in the building’s doorway with, “Intercom speaker is broken so I come get you.”

We beamed at each other and climbed flight after flight of sloping steps. I looked at one average apartment. She led me up another flight of scary stairs. I looked at another average apartment.

“It’s a bit too far west I think, I’ll ponder that and call you tomorrow. Cool?”

“I like your shoes.”

“Thanks very much, I like yours too.”

And that was the conclusion of my first apartment hunting experience… I await to see what tomorrow brings!

In the world of writing…

I’ve been working a lot with point of view lately and I think it’s making my novel more interesting.

And that’s about that. My writing is slightly on the back-burner because I need an apartment NOW and so all of my energy needs to got toward that.

So let’s say it together my cult collective of all things colorful: