Today has been a full on day of words and flavors.

I’m working on two pieces of short fiction and various movie scenes. In a perfect world I’d say ‘All my energy is going towards blah blah blah…’ alas, the world is an imperfect place… I am as scattered as usual.

I think I may have come across the first work to consider for my PhD literature review… I ordered a book today that I now anxiously await.

My peaks and troughs of emotion lately aren’t making anything easy or straight forward… but at least the insanity serves me with enough adrenaline spikes every day to grow a bit with each project I’ve taken on…

Once I realized that nearly the entire day passed without me looking away from a computer screen… I decided to channel my creative energy  in a different direction for a few hours and I started to cook. Four courses later I don’t have much of an appetite… but the break was helpful… and the house smells delicious.

… back to work!