I’ve decided to sublet an apartment. Not sure how long this concept will last, because as we all know I am in the middle of a major crisis.

I came to reach this decision in a variety of ways… here are the top ten.

top ten reasons i’m going to sublet

10. To prevent complete deterioration of my sanity, I’m going the quicker option.

9. I have no furniture and most of them are furnished.

8. The concept of “own place” is a bit too grown-up for me.

7. I saw a sublet with two dogs to keep me company in the absence of my beloved puppies.

6. I’ll save a few thousand dollars a year.

5. My gut says to, and guts don’t usually lie.

4. I like feeling like I live in a hotel room.

3. The money I save will buy me the new desktop that I desperately need.

2. Real Estate agents are wankers and the less I deal with them, the better life is.

1. Let’s face it, I’m a gypsy. We all know I won’t be anywhere more than 12 months. Please.

All I want to do is write. I realize it sounds a bit weak, but until I somewhat “settle” – the focus thing isn’t happening. Sure I’m scribbling here and there, but I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I’m here to do.

Granted I’ve only been here 15 days, I don’t reckon that matters. I’m on a mission my cult collective. I’m leaving the city today for a weekend in the country. I’ve been crying too much. I want to see my family.