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the official countdown

G’day gorgeous collection of cult

19 days. In 19 days, the soles of my feet will be on New York City soil. Unlike the other three trips that I have taken since October 2009 running around hollering, “COME ON! Someone… ANYONE!… Give me a JOB so I can finish my novel!”

I have a job… I have a soul circle chairperson with a cozy couch waiting and a pair of keys to his apartment cut that jangle in my handbag whenever I’m out and about… I have a vision blog family. Continue reading

poetry: volume two

Officially publishing this today has had an indescribable effect on me. I feel somewhat solemn. Last year when I published Poetry: Volume one in New York City, there was champagne and celebrations. Right now the puppies are asleep in my lap, so it’s equally as wonderful – simply a different sort.

I imagine I’ll feel excited about it at some stage. In the meantime, for those of you interested in adding me to your bookshelf…


one more sleep for good measure

The good thing about being the Writer / Editor / Formatter / Publisher of your own book is you are the also the only shot caller when it comes to deadlines. Therefore, I hereby postpone Poetry: Volume Two publication for one more day. Continue reading

melbourne. more.

As I roll into my last month of Melbourne, final seventeen days if you will, nostalgia is taking time to creep in and rattle reflections of Australia. I have lived here for nearly a decade, after all.

Melbourne is the city that introduced me to macchiatos and taught me how to say mate. It’s where I came to realize how the sound of a didgeridoo, at any given time, ignites immediate reaction to stomp my bare feet and shake my tangled tresses.

It’s where I stopped thinking I might be an Artist, learned valuable lessons about who I literally am, and heard my voice change from a shaky, “I write…” to a firm “I’m a Writer… mate…”

Melbourne is where I decided to stop masking my spirituality. It’s where I learned what it means to truly have a soul mate, story books aside.

Melbourne dipped me into my first summer Christmas and popped my chilly August winters with bursting citrus trees. It’s the place that olive groves sprouted on my block and I gained proper understanding of what a real pub is. Continue reading

serialized. seven of seven.

The next time Samuel sees Clara and Lyla, the girls are holding hands walking down the beach. They’re whispering in each other’s ear shifting attention between the water, sand, and vanilla sky.

Samuel feels like they don’t notice him. He feels like no one sees him at all. And although the perpetual emptiness that he spent most of his adult years trying to mask with shallow encounters is undoubtably present – somehow it doesn’t hurt.

Nothing hurts.

As soon he gains this awareness, the girls take notice of him. They’re steps quicken in his direction. They’re giggling about what he slowly understands.

Turning over his shoulder, he sees Clara’s mother pull her car over and frantically exit. She stumbles during her run toward the brush that conceals her daughter’s body.

Continue reading

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