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face masking. family.

Namaste blog tribe

I wasn’t here yesterday, but I have the most AMAZING excuse.

Yesterday I had the perfect pleasure of escorting the most beautiful Jessica Tremp and her equally stunning partner in evening explorations during their first visit to New York City!

We ate Italian food and gossiped until we gasped for breath. We hugged and shook our heads and widened our eyes at stories and I’m fairly certain tears of joy were involved at some stage. Continue reading

library walk

Whilst dangling out of my 18th story window the other day in giddy delight during a much required sister visit, I noticed the New York City public library is down the street from me.


Considering this page began barefoot in a Queensland farmhouse roughly 1,000 kilometers north of Sydney… it’s quite spectacular, really.

Furthermore, my walk to work each day involves me wandering across Library Walk and up 5th Avenue.

I literally just laughed out loud typing that.

I have all these large aspirations of content organization, new page construction, story submission, and other things.

Madness. Everywhere…


I’ve accentuated it before, but my blood tribe holds a unique place in my heart. Continue reading

#ourwallstreet #occupywallstreet

I was talking to one of my favorite people in Australia this morning. Apparently the media is refusing to tell the world about all of the peaceful protestors who have been demonstrating on Wall Street for a week.

Camping out. Continue reading

cheers to 700 STRAIGHT. checkcheck.

Here’s me raising my glass to the cult and toasting today’s 700th CONSECUTIVE POST!

I realize I make it look effortless… blogging every day ain’t as easy as it seems. Neither is having fresh photos, trying to organize content, figuring out how to actually tell the world about our land here, and writing books in between.

Good think I’m a magickal fairy princess… my wand has gotten a lot of use over the past 700 days.

While I will spend today celebrating, it would not be true Gretchen Cello form if there wasn’t some sort of nervous breakdown slightly bubbling. I received an email yesterday from our friendly job crew in New York City that sounded something like… Continue reading

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