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I’ve accentuated it before, but my blood tribe holds a unique place in my heart. Continue reading

#ourwallstreet #occupywallstreet

I was talking to one of my favorite people in Australia this morning. Apparently the media is refusing to tell the world about all of the peaceful protestors who have been demonstrating on Wall Street for a week.

Camping out. Continue reading

cheers to 700 STRAIGHT. checkcheck.

Here’s me raising my glass to the cult and toasting today’s 700th CONSECUTIVE POST!

I realize I make it look effortless… blogging every day ain’t as easy as it seems. Neither is having fresh photos, trying to organize content, figuring out how to actually tell the world about our land here, and writing books in between.

Good think I’m a magickal fairy princess… my wand has gotten a lot of use over the past 700 days.

While I will spend today celebrating, it would not be true Gretchen Cello form if there wasn’t some sort of nervous breakdown slightly bubbling. I received an email yesterday from our friendly job crew in New York City that sounded something like… Continue reading

humans disenchant me

I’m looking forward to shifting from a position that isn’t as “media heavy” as my current day job and into more of a behind-the-scenes writer gig. As I state time and time again, newspapers make me sick. I don’t mean that in a symbolic way, they physically make me throw up, shed tears, and have all other sorts of negative reactions.

I stand by my belief that the real purpose of life is love spreading. Do the best you can to love the planet, the creatures roaming it, and genuinely be a decent person. As I’m smacked daily with various media doses of death, destruction, or threats there of… I cannot care any less of the supposed “cause” behind such horrors. One simple question continuously floats to the front of my mind.

What the FUCK is wrong with people?

The only thing more amazing than how utterly fucked a minority of humans are is the way these humans attempt to validate their fucked-ness via religion, politics, cultural differences, race, gender, money, power, or whatever else they can invent on the day.

I understand that the more I leach onto various negativities, the more I damage myself and my soul purpose of lighting up wherever I can reach. I find that when I come across people passionate for a cause, whether it’s human/animal rights, personal freedoms, or political democracy (for example) – something I fail to connect with is the direction of their dismay. “We hate the government because…” “We hate terrorists because…” “We hate corporations because…”

Behind every direction of angst is one common factor. HUMANS.

I do not identify as a misanthrope because I understand that a majority of humans live their life in attempt to do right and are quite beautiful. I also believe we all come from one source. The latter of these two concepts obviously being much more difficult to manage.

I need to hide in New York City for awhile with no understanding of anything outside of Art.

Not long to go…

light at the end of one tunnel. five weeks.

Life is a series of tunnels. I don’t think it’s about the light at the end of one tunnel per se, I reckon we all swim through a number of interlocked tunnel-ways with intermittent breaks of light along the way.

New York City is basically a fire-y comet that has a few of my tunnels on flaming at the moment.

The result of this remains to be a bit of, “Ummm… for real?” Continue reading

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