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I’ve accentuated it before, but my blood tribe holds a unique place in my heart. Continue reading

i grew up here

With travels overseas approaching I am spending much time where I grew up. I grew up running around in the woods with neighborhood kids and sisters. Today I trekked along the same trails we did as kids. I passed the rocks we gave names to (since we spent so much time together), I swung on vines, I used trees as parallel bars to back flip on.

I wrote some poetry. Continue reading

at the moment i’m

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clicks of inspiration

Since kicking off my site just over a year ago, cult members consistently say that I inspire them. I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, and every time a new wave comes through contacting me with conversations like ‘Thank you so much for what you do, following you has renewed my interest in writing,’ I’m left in speechless spins of joy that steer me toward my laptop and get my fingers clicking.

It’s not always as easy as I might be making it look… Continue reading

carmel apples. cool breeze. andy warhol.

Right now I am sitting in a glass room with every door open surrounded by forest (once again) smiling. And considering some of my irrational activities as of late… smiling feels even more spectacular than usual. There is the most sublime bite of a morning breeze blowing through reminding me of autumn’s arrival… coaxing my words into stories and poems.

Being the youngest of five children has benefits for many reasons, but still being spoiled with sweets each time I come out to visit must be my favorite. At 31, I’ve had a decent run with this… nearly 32.

Have I mentioned my birthday’s in five days? Continue reading

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