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city… country… switch… release…

The novelty of being able to escape to my parents’ crib in the forest to rework my words and adjust how my head is screwed on, any time at my leisure, makes me very happy.

I spent seven years with a 10 000 mile gap. Ninety minutes travel these days ain’t nothin.

I met someone from Turkey yesterday and we discussed what it’s like when you leave your entire family for a whole new country on your own. It’s one of those topics where, when you find someone else that’s done it, you immediately begin gesticulating wildly with wider eyes. Continue reading

driving in the dark. soaking in the sun.

Sometimes days turn into nothing but long moments extending through thoughts that cannot sacrifice themselves to rest until you complete them.

In the instance of gretchen cello, sometimes these periods last for what might seem like a long time, if time held any impact on the processing requirements life hits humans with at varying stages.

I’ve been awake for three days. Continue reading

blue sticky fingers. interview!!

Day 9 on Yankee soil!

The love around me has words spilling, laughter echoing, and consistent sighs breathing fresh, lilac-scented secrets that whisper, I think I might just finally be onto something…

I have an interview on Monday in Manhattan. It’s more of a preliminary screening… but I must admit… I’m quite excited at the opportunity to put on my grownup clothes and dance over to midtown… I’ve already started rehearsing lines that sound like ‘I promise to be on my very best behaviour in exchange for some funding to pay for future bikini zombie movies and a self-published collection of my inky emotion… pinkie swear…’ Continue reading

on the up

I’m pulled together. I had a few teary days and moderate brain malfunctioning… all sorted. I wonder if people are less emotional than me or just not as blatant about it. Continue reading

fishing, fire, and free verse

Yesterday it was apparently 3 degrees F outside (-16C). Considering that I have been inducted into the clan of bad-ass ice fishers since my attendance at the derby last week… I spent the afternoon once again out on the ice. Continue reading

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