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how much does that cost & the cute puppies

I feel like a Mastercard commercial. Laptop blah blah dollars, airline tickets such and such, having people say you inspire them… priceless. Continue reading

food and words

Growing up in a house of seven people with a Euro-mix mother, food was a basically the centre of my universe. As a kid, life is pretty much based around the next time you’re getting presents and/or special food.

That said, I never cooked anything until I was married. Being single and living alone in New York City means you never, ever have to cook… sigh, NYC how I miss thee… Continue reading

photos are fun. aussies on the rise.

Being back in Australia I am comfortably reverting to the aspiring Aussie I aim to be. Continue reading

picnic in the park & thoughts on writing

My South American sister Consuelo and I had a Valentine’s Day picnic in the park yesterday. There’s a lot of debate over V-Day. AsĀ usual, I see both sides. I don’t really want a lover giving me colored cardboard out of capitalist force – but a day dedicated to making out is fine by me. Continue reading

i want to wrap you up & give you kisses

Namaste blog family

Seven hours from now a car will arrive to take me into what feels like unknown territory. The next time we gather live it will be from my beloved Australia. Continue reading

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