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give thanks

IMG_1467Happy Thanksgiving to all of our U.S. cult affiliates. I hopped on an airplane a few days ago, and now I’m in Colorado!

This year I am giving thanks for lots of things. I am thankful for being in Colorado with my best friend who I’ve known for 30 years. I am immensely thankful that it is not this time last year, because last year around now was extraordinarily sucky.

Naturally, I am most thankful for Peanut and Fronkles. Continue reading

split decision. ricardo perez jr.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 2.21.18 PMMany of us are already aware how tight I stay with Rick.

The opportuity to review his latest publication is a blessing.

Split Decision, by the wildly talented Ricardo Perez Jr. is a collection of faith, intelligence, love and ideas. The book paints the frame of a passionate life with words that make you lean closer toward the page.

Something unique about Rick’s writing is his ability to craft different styles. Throughout the book, tones rise and change like tides of moments and the reader is brought on a true journey of what it means to experience this world as part of the One source that keeps us all together.

The book is divided into five parts: Age Old Timeless, Speaking Conscience, More Than Inspiration, Written Silence, Abstract. Each section creates fresh insight of what life means and soothes with divine reminders. Continue reading

return to work. out of my hair.

Namaste blog tribe

IMG_6358 Today I go back to work. It’s literally the first time in my life that I am actually looking forward to returning to work after a holiday. Part of that is because my current job is my favorite and best. The second reason is because there was unexpected turmoil over the last few days of vacation that spit me out the other side just wanting to return to some type of basic routine. Continue reading

fireworks and boats

Summer is very official in New York City at the moment. Yesterday was the 4th of July and I sat on the roof ¬†with three boys and watched the Macy’s Fireworks action for the first time ever.

IMG_5109Now I get what the big deal is. This was my second 4th of July in ten years. I got pretty used to Australia Day.

For my man’s birthday, we cruised around Manhattan on a yacht. Today we’re whisking to the Catskills, camping has become a much required weekend escape. I’m just about to pack up the puppies and be out.

Earlier today I was discussing how I had a nervous breakdown last year, and how it sucked.  Continue reading

see you at 4am

So a bestie of mine phoned earlier to advise that he’s dropping one of our other bestie’s off at JFK airport at 3am then swinging over.IMG_4605

I’m expecting him somewhere between 3.30 – 4am.

A lover gave me Bulgari perfume and fresh cut flowers yesterday. The gesture shocked me. I’m 34 years old, no man has ever presented be with glass contained fragrance before. Furthermore, the gesture was extraordinarily considerate seeing as this particular perfume is the only thing outside of essential oils that’s really made me want to scent my skin with it.

It smells like spring bouquets, the soft pedals of flowers that make up spring bouquets. I’m terrible at saying thank you when you reach that place that completely exceeds it. Instead I shook and smiled and simply said, “Never before.”

I have seven more days of work until a week off. I’m trying to shape up my writing into organized piles for when I go and hide in Connecticut. I’ll work on this a bit before having a catnap prior to Tony’s pre-dawn arrival.

Supposedly Flaming Saddles is open until 4am tonight, my goal is to make it there for at least one cocktail…

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