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Last night my apartment sounded sensational.

Something like click click… clackety click…

I looked to my left, across the studio, to see a pair of honey-earth toned eyes blinking in approval.

I blushed and kept writing.

You know, sometimes when I read FollowMeToNYC archives I find myself audibly murmuring “Damn”s and “Oh damn”s whilst biting fingernails.

It’s been nearly three years since the jump-off to get to this city with a novel. I need to deliver.

Speaking of deliver… it thrills me to announce my forthcoming collaboration with Ricardo Perez Jr… Pro-Portioned.

Pro-Portioned is proudly sponsored by the independent label Stormed Heart Writings. I am honored that my first collaborative collection is on this label and with Rick, who I respect and love more than any silly blog post can catch.


Furthermore, in July I will release Poetry Volume 3. While it will be a challenge collecting all of my work from the last 12 months considering that I spent 60% of it a full-time wreck – it will be nice to officially dust Poetry Volume 2… which I never even bought a personal copy of because it was just too depressing to read.

At least I know for certain that Poetry Volume 3 ends blissfully.

While my achievements publishing poetry are somewhat baffling to me, rest will not arrive until I’m novel pitching. I didn’t come back to this town to be complacent.

Hey publisher… Catch!

I’m pretty rapt about moving uptown and, even though my present landlord continues to channel Satan and stays shooting me malevolent e-mails – I will not be deterred.

July 1st or bust. July 1st also happens to be Tim’s birthday. Hence, extra on.

I spent the morning writing, drinking black coffee and dancing to Fat Joe in preparation for UPTOWN. Off to write reports.




89 days

I realized this morning that it has been 89 days since Tim arrived.

Needless to say, my family is pretty pissed off about me getting hitched 44 days after discovering the wonder of my husband. It’s ironic because part of my escape from Australia was to be closer to them. I imagine if anyone decides to have a real look at how ecstatic I am about life lately, they’ll decide to come around.

You always hear people talk about how life can change overnight. I still don’t think it prepares anybody for when it actually happens.

As a Writer, things that inspire me usually stir in my stomach for a few weeks before I start pouring them out. Truth be told, between finding a new place, booking puppy flights, rocking a day job, and marveling at the man who wifed me lickety split… I’ve been spilling some poetry, not as many short stories… a bit of novel here and there… and a couple other odds and ends.

I think I’ll write a short story today.

It’s interesting being in a relationship with someone who reads my work. Not only does my man read what I’m writing, he even knocks around blog land and does some writing of his own. Here are my top ten favorite things about my husband:

Gretchen Cello’s Top Ten Favorite Things About Her Husband Tim

10. Tattoos.

9. He’s mean on a BMX.

8. He cooks.

7. He knows how to build things.

6. He appreciates the puppies… and museums.

5. He understands that hot sauce is the only truly critical condiment.

4. He lets me cry sometimes when Earth overwhelms me.

3. He’s musical.

2. He is the most genuinely kind creature I have encountered.

1. Falling in love at first sight injects unique meaning into life.

Now… off to write that short story. Love and light to you and yours… spread it, the world will thank you. I promise.

my husband

You know, blog family, sometimes I get so caught up with daily crazies that I don’t place enough emphasis on the most critical life occurrences taking place.

Like my husband, for example.

Around eleven weeks ago, a stranger and I ended up on the same block. I invited him to New York City for no other reason besides knowing at first sight that he and I were supposed to meet.

We haven’t separated since.

Something I find entertaining is that while I have attempted to express my elation here and there, the inability of many local humans to rejoice in any type of happiness or divinity which does not offer personal, immediate benefit seems challenging.

I wonder why that is?

In 2009, I started this “blog” off heartbroken in Australia trying to figure out how I would escape. Today I live in Manhattan, support myself independently as a Writer, and am now married to someone who essentially appeared out of thin air and blessed my world with wondrous emotions I spend each day seeking descriptions for.

Since Tim and I have been together, I’ve noticed a decrease in phone calls and an increase in blog traffic. I find this somewhat voyeuristic…

Tim is bloody amazing cult collective, considering how wild my last few weeks have been – I felt the need to explicitly express this. He’ll read this post at some stage, blush and say something like, “Babe. That’s embarrassing…”

Then I’ll smile and stare at him, which is what I spend most of my free time doing lately. I hope your day is filled with smiles too… the more I smile, the easier it is to sift through what to keep close and what to let go.

I’m keeping Tim close.

my memorial day

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the States, the first long weekend of the summer.

I elected to hide in the forest over the weekend. Thus far, it’s proving to be most perfect. Everything is electric green from recent showers; I’ve been spending time with the family still speaking to me since my wedding; and I’m thoroughly enjoying a minute out of midtown.

I think we walked about five miles today. So much in fact that when we departed for our final excursion the neighbors across the street commented, “That’s your fourth walk today.”

I’ve had, and enjoyed, lots of thinking time over the weekend. Heaps of laughing time. And a bit of writing time.

July 1st will be my official move from midtown to uptown. The puppies are gearing up to arrive around July 7 – it’s all quite, very much unbelievably exciting.

I always sleep better in the house I grew up in for some reason. There are thunderstorms outside at the moment. I’m going to dream about stories with the windows open.

Viva long weekends!


Namaste cult of blog

On April 20, 2012 Tim and I marched down to City Hall and agreed.


That makes me Mrs. Gretchen. You heard correctly… wifed.

It’s been pretty low key in these parts recently for a few causes. ┬áCoincidentally, the love of my life actually grew up in the same neighborhood as I did. While neither of us were born in this particular north-western Connecticut suburb of mystery, humans hunt for chatter.

Let me tell you.

Most of my time lately is spent glowing. Tim drew a picture of the coffee table he’s going to build for our Inwood abode earlier tonight while I cooked Thai green curry with fistfuls of cilantro and chunks of garlic… fresh lime and ginger root.

We’re still listening to The Reign of Kindo. Tim taught himself Soon it Shall Be on guitar and sang it for me when I arrived home after being out one day last week.

Yes… please.


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