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admiring art and beauty

The Writers and I hit the town again tonight…

We went to an art exhibition. We captured certain seconds in the click of a frame. We visited a rooftop beer garden with city views.

We grinned at how beautiful life can be…

One of the most critical thing for any artist, I believe, is taking moments to appreciate how lovely life is. Artists do this unconsciously I think. Our favorite things infuse the back of our minds and linger until they spill from the ink in our pen.

I’ve been blessed to have lots of that occur over the past 48 hours. Continue reading

super long easter. writers’ retreat.

Easter works out to be a five day public holiday in Australia this year.

It’s a long story.

Yesterday evening over whiskey, white wine, and pints of pear cider I consulted a favorite Writer – one of our soul tribe’s finest – with great concern. My concern was expressed something like:

“I can’t fucking believe we have a five day weekend and I have NO plans! Seriously?”

So you can imagine my glee when the response I received was, “Really? Oh thank God! I thought I was the only one!”

Take two ink spilling sisters, add one super long weekend, toss in local vineyards and lush hinterland…

Writer’s Retreat. Continue reading

shots of jager in an icebox. stack of books.

What do you do when one of your favorite Queenslanders who has never seen snow and lives in a town where winter equals spring in most other parts of the world?

Lock her in a box of ice and keep her warm with furry coats and shots of jagermeister, naturally.

One of my favorite sisters is in town for a few days Blog Family. Last night we drank cocktails out of goblets made of ice, before smashing our cups into a pile of sparkly crystals. Continue reading

p is for Patrick’s and PUBLISHED !!!

Our cult family that has been following along since this time last year knows that St Patrick’s Day has turned into a somewhat epic annual occurrence in the world of gretchen cello.

Yesterday kicked off in an Irish pub with many pints of Guinness, a few of Kilkenny, and a couple glasses of Jameson. There was fiddling, there was dancing, there was loud cackling, and of course – the coveted free Guinness hat. Continue reading

it MUST have been the dress

Dear Blog Family aka Cult Clan

A collection of us have been chatting on facebook about the big shoes I’ve been wearing all week. Today I decided to pair my big shoes with a somewhat inappropriate tangerine mini dress when I went to work figuring I was going to quit and might as well look cute. Continue reading

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