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food and words

Growing up in a house of seven people with a Euro-mix mother, food was a basically the centre of my universe. As a kid, life is pretty much based around the next time you’re getting presents and/or special food.

That said, I never cooked anything until I was married. Being single and living alone in New York City means you never, ever have to cook… sigh, NYC how I miss thee… Continue reading

a photo blog

I’ve decided to do a photo entry today to reflect on the weekend so far… Continue reading

what a ride!

From New York to San Francisco to Sydney to Brisbane… back to Australia I come! I am presently getting past the state of zombie that occurs when I somehow lose a day in the sky and the clock does all sorts of crazy things… hopefully by tomorrow I will adequately catch my breath. Continue reading

a tribal gathering and some icy fish

Today was a busy day! My family days are numbered… in less than two weeks it is back to my oversized island somewhere in a far away world…

This morning I went ice fishing, thank goodness no one caught anything! Continue reading

sometimes you just need candy and a dictionary

Last night I had to get out of the house. The more I think about how long I’ve been locked away with nothing but time and words… the more I’m amazed that I haven’t gone insane… and I still haven’t completely abandoned that theory. Continue reading

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