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data romance. the deep. waking me up.

As our daily readers can vouch for, I’ve been somewhat monotonous lately. “Blah blah blah job… boo hoo new york… blah sick… poor me… blah…”

On top of this, editing Poetry: Volume two is delivering a serious beating. Ever retraced a year of your life in consecutive verse?

I rest my case.

Last night I was kicking around youtube listening to hip hop in various languages to perk myself up. And somehow, amongst clicking, I came across one of the most ravishing combinations of audio and visual stimulation I have encountered…

And with it, naturally, came the first real poem I’ve written since leaving New York City. Continue reading


Namaste blog family

I KNEW IT! A bit of Russian gypsy music was EXACTLY what I needed! Last night I shimmied to Vulgargrad until my long hair turned into sweaty ropes and the clack of my boots shook the floor of the Northcote Social Club.

See for yourself!

graveyard train… brunswick alley… history

This is what happens in Brunswick alleyways.

Wait wait… let me say that this is the very first time I’ve posted twice in one day (not because of international time zones).


Good songs get played on repeat until you get bored of them. Great songs you might actually pay to see live. The illest, filthiest, hottest tracks have you ripping off your sweaty clothes, or someone else’s if you’re lucky.

3:14 – 4:14 (for real…)

Although I heard this song earlier today on the CD, I find unique filth in the youtube clip. So much that I had to share it right very now…

Now off you go to blast loudy and tear off clothing…

(ps. Dear US, please stop giving Keith Urban grammies… seriously.)

east coast australia. go to this show.

It may sound ironic for me to say this as a Writer, however I truly believe that the best things in life extend beyond language. Music remains one of my greatest inspirations. Brilliant music takes me to a place past words. It sends tones into the pit of my stomach that somehow stir me and make me want to express that feeling that is simply inexplicable.

I’ve lived in Australia for eight years. I’ve seen a lot of bands. I’ve heard about Melbourne’s pools of talent. I’ve experienced some great live acts.

Nothing quite like these boys: Continue reading

happy friday the 13th to all the spooky fuckers!

It’s 2.30 in the morning Melbourne time… FRIDAY THE 13TH! Not that I’m superstitious, but I do reckon the cult’s a bit spooky. So watch out for werewolves! Unless that’s your thing… in which instance why wait for Friday the 13th?

A piece from the spookiest band in Australia! Meet Graveyard Train (and yes, that is a mummy riding shoulders in the crowd…)

I saw them last Friday at HiFi and they’re presently touring the EAST COAST. Get there!

Writing, words, and thinking have my sleeping patterns dipping and rising, circling left. This week, in fact, has been a somewhat dreamy walk where there were days and nights, sunshine and rain, laughter, silence…etc.

I go through periods of fierce introspection that sometimes frustrate people that don’t know me very well. And trust me blog family, I’m not a very easy person to know.

introspection | intr spek sh n|
the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes : quiet introspection can be extremely valuable.

On the plus side, I’m writing a lot. I’m sick of not having a book-book out. My poetry volumes are great for people who actually care about that side of my work, but I’m happy to whack out a best seller and get on with it already.



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