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365. in the thick.

Alright my cult of all things tasty. Yesterday’s video clip was post 365 on this bad boy. When you reside in¬†two¬†hemispheres as I do, flying all over does mysterious things. Somehow I gained an extra day in the year… and then there was the time I posted twice in one day over my book. So technically tomorrow brings us to a year of posts… Continue reading

wednesday september 22

Will be our first Writers’ Night. Continue reading

machete, beer garden, indian food, etc


Although I have missed my beloved New York City for seven years worth of birthdays… yesterday made up for it.

We kicked off with the new slasher flick Machete which, in the name of gore, gets five stars on a four star scale. Yup. That’s what happens when bodies get diced less than sixty seconds into a movie… it RULED! Continue reading

brewing stories. smoking hookahs

Happy weekend blog family as we bid July farewell and move into the final month of summer.

Last night my roommate and I decided that we needed to go out. Really… we needed to…. between the insanely long hours he works and me trying to balance word sorting and nervous breakdown patterns… going out was imperative.

Our wanders led to a divine West Village hideaway where we were tucked into a tiny linen fortress and presented with deliciousness after deliciousness while one of the hottest women I have ever seen in my life shook her hips and rolled her body in ways that simply defy my previous understanding of human possibility. Continue reading

are they gonna pay you? (insert giggles)

Today is my mother’s birthday. Tomorrow I travel out to visit. I phoned her earlier to sing birthday songs. Part of our conversation sounded like this:

‘Have you started your job yet?’

‘No… but someone offered me a venue to host a spoken word night on Sundays.’

‘Are they going to pay you for that?’

… and then we both literally broke into fits of laughter. BWAHAHAHAA!! Continue reading

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