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brewing stories. smoking hookahs

Happy weekend blog family as we bid July farewell and move into the final month of summer.

Last night my roommate and I decided that we needed to go out. Really… we needed to…. between the insanely long hours he works and me trying to balance word sorting and nervous breakdown patterns… going out was imperative.

Our wanders led to a divine West Village hideaway where we were tucked into a tiny linen fortress and presented with deliciousness after deliciousness while one of the hottest women I have ever seen in my life shook her hips and rolled her body in ways that simply defy my previous understanding of human possibility. Continue reading

a brief rant and a framed mirror

First thing’s first – brief rant:

I tend to fly solo. Perhaps this is a common trait of Writers? Not sure. Furthermore, I don’t sleep. On certain days, like today, this creates a striking crimson backdrop to my green irises.

Minding my own business this evening wandering blocks of brief encounters with many people I haven’t seen for years, I was approached by a handful of strangers… which I am ordinarily all for. Talking to strangers is one of my favorite  past times, it ranks close to running with scissors. Continue reading

a day in new york city. vita sentimentale.

vita sentimentale

People say not to.
I laugh. Reply.
I know that you’re right.
This is
New York City.
Pull your head in.
Defeat’s arrival
In absence of fight.
Courage of face
Tedious to me.
Dim who I am
From fear of rejection.
Foreign species. Dictate how to be.
Reside. Within.
Running doesn’t change.
Who you are…
Virtual status, perpetual move.
What if I said that nothing feels far?
Buried in city.
Chewed tongue. Dug claws.
Wishing on stars.
You might see.
What I saw.

claustrophobic cadence

Music. Instruments.
Amalgamate tempo.
Construct pulse.
(slow movements)
Without snapping.
Without. A loud. POP.
Even. An ocean.
Cannot alter.
Time zones.
… a 3am plea.

navegante. rewind to thursday.

So apparently it’s Sunday evening… I’ve been dancing in and out of various locations since Thursday night and have mamboed my way back to Queens…

While I was wandering around Thursday, I came across a free show happening in Union Square. After having my world rocked by Navegante and a friendly pixie like girl hand me a t-shirt… I had the pleasure of downloading their free four-track EP from Continue reading

once upon a time. there was a poetry book.

The poetry book is coming along… it will contain 200 poems from the past 18 months-ish… although specific details are fuzzy, the release of putting out a stack of my emotion from one of the most significant periods of this life is quite… well… significant. Continue reading

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