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city running and sooking

Now that I’m finished sooking for five or ten minutes, there are many other more interesting and IMG_2003entertaining things that have occurred in between.

For example, I field-tripped to Brooklyn a few days ago. There was live music and an eventual dance party in my living room. The evening concluded with nachos on the sidewalk around 1am.

Oh and laughter. There was a lot of joy and laughter that day.

Also, I recently roamed the Bowery in the summer rain; sipped a pomegranate martini in a dimly lit Russian vodka lounge; gazed into IMG_1917paintings at MoMA until my eyes rolled out of my head and onto each canvas; and woke up the next day with a pair of boots on my carpet that do not belong to me.

Big picture speaking, I know I seriously have nothing to complain about. Continue reading

see you soon nyc – filmstrip crush

Photography by Josh Dirlam

Today is my last day in New York City until the next time we return to tear town up all over again.

This particular trip couldn’t conclude more sweetly. I spent yesterday with a collection of my favorite humans. I wandered Astoria in chilly winter air and reminisced about the insanely amazing summer I had and how off the chain the next NYC leg will be.

When I most likely go to school… more… because somehow that always happens…

I was looking at Josh Dirlam’s photos snapped last night this morning. I wrote the following poem inspired by the work. There is literally no better way to conclude my trip… here’s to art and inspiration, oh, and love… I always throw that in. Continue reading

now you’re in NEW YOOORK!!

New York City smells like Chinese food,100_1053 patchouli incense, the cologne of delivery boys, the roses for sale on each street corner, and Jamaican nannies wafting coconut trails from perfectly woven braids. Continue reading

I pledge allegiance

Down here in Australia us Yankees are viewed as mad patriots. Continue reading

On your mark…

I finished up at my job today and am soon to be shopping for airfare and seeking shelter in New York City on a voyage to establish myself as a professional Writer. Continue reading

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