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too many papers. more red please.

One of the things that has been completely evident since returning to the States after nine years away is the paperwork attached to EVERYTHING.

Oh, you want birthday cake? Just fill out three pages. Let me get this straight – you’re trying to pay a bill from your personal bank account? No worries. Here’s a short eight page form, and it’s just a small fee of $40.

Banks, actually are the worst. I have switched banks three times during the eleven months I’ve been back in the country, and I’m still paying them to allow me to transfer funds for things like rent.

Too many papers. Too much nonsense. Continue reading

a yard for the babies

I explored Queens today and discovered across the river a new apartment with an outdoor paradise for two small puppies that will arrive within weeks.

Naturally, being New York City, my rent will be more than most mortgages, but I’ll have a YARD! Not only will I have a yard, I’ll have an OFFICE! The apartment is a two bedroom, which will be an entirely new land compared to the studio I have been tucked in for nearly twelve months now. Continue reading

full moon. two months.

Happy full moon blog family. Light some incense, sit in lotus and project love and wishes as widespread as you can reach.

Two months from now I’ll be in a new abode. Could be a house, could be an apartment, might be in Manhattan… maybe a few minutes out. There is only one certainty. Come hell or high water, the puppies are coming in October. Continue reading

Move is paused cult collective. FollowMeToNYC headquarters will not relocate until September, which means the puppies’s arrival is also postponed.

Not talking about that one. Unfortunately, my wanky landlord seems to have forgotten every syllable spoken between us.

So the move is paused. Puppies are resting up another eight weeks before their journey across international waters.

Usually, these are the bits of life that make me want to break things. However I must say, upon the arrival of Mr. Tim, my husband of 53 days now – a reinvented calmness is learning me a thing or two. I don’t really want to break things anymore.

I sort of just want to spend every single second knocking about with him.

Yesterday was the first day I’ve had off from a day job in nine months. About five of my past nine months were essentially MessVille.

When I found myself panting Sunday evening, I knew I needed a break.

I’m going to write books this week amongst a report and a few letters. Something about Tim furthermore has me actually desiring to finish novel number one.

Something about knowing who my first novel will be dedicated to is oddly soothing. It makes the ride toward completion much more magnificent – even when I am hissing at files and leering at keys.

Namaste blog tribe, I hope you all had a weekend of wonderful.

My weekend was a bit crazy involving landlords and counting, a bit of writing and some nail biting.

I’m moving in four weeks… the puppies should be here in five.

You know those crazy times when things get so hectic that somehow the world becomes ineffably still? I think I’m in another one of those…

An interesting twist to my move is that I have no furniture. Living overseas for ten years and moving back to the opposite side of the planet does that.

There are tools in my house which has not occurred since I lived home with my parents over a decade ago. My father has a garage filled with such gadgets. There’s something comforting about a pile of metal build-things pieces tucked snugly in the corner of my tiny apartment.

My new apartment will be quite tiny too, this is Manhattan after all… and let’s face it, I’m poor. But it can accommodate puppies. The idea of this gets me so excited my teeth chatter.

While I have enjoyed my stint living in a luxury high-rise in midtown, I’m looking forward to shifting to a place where I might actually sit still for – I don’t know, twelve months straight perhaps? Once I move, it will be the first time since I fired up this blog that I haven’t been looking for a new house or a new job.

Tick tock tick…

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