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black hole swimming: release of gravity

black hole swimming: release of gravity

it was all. for nothing.
but one single moment,

clawed. re-opened. explosion.
scars. painting me purple

to shut up. hidden talent
extracting a staircase,

you choose. up.


between you and i

i landed. on my face,
front on. you have to be

kidding. me.
my constant laughter.

bounce. in my step.
hold her hand. out the door.

i hope. you fall.



Once. You stole my
Learning to dance with shadows.

Twice. Too many
Raw. Skinned. Bloody. Knees.

Double everything. As many times

As I again. As I. Again.




sublet. write wanting.

I’ve decided to sublet an apartment. Not sure how long this concept will last, because as we all know I am in the middle of a major crisis.

I came to reach this decision in a variety of ways… here are the top ten.

top ten reasons i’m going to sublet Continue reading

dear torment

dear torment

(i stretched)
to reach: a snapped elastic.
(i danced)
to your sound: silence.

i wrote you another letter today,

it said something. didn’t it? even if. you are
gone. an only time. where flexibility deceives:
when it’s you. not me. not you. when it’s me.

(i slept)
to pretend: like i wasn’t changing.
(i awoke)
to your sound: silence.



accented appreciation

laughable. like i am
ever prepared
to serve
silver plate punches. Continue reading

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