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it MUST have been the dress

Dear Blog Family aka Cult Clan

A collection of us have been chatting on facebook about the big shoes I’ve been wearing all week. Today I decided to pair my big shoes with a somewhat inappropriate tangerine mini dress when I went to work figuring I was going to quit and might as well look cute. Continue reading

when you can’t get to nyc


I have been super spoiled this week indulging in the company of one of my favorite people in the Universe and senior cult affiliate CHRIS!!!

As our loyal readers recall, my New York City summer was spent with my companion Chris who put me up in casa a la Queens while I finished my poetry book.

Perhaps you remember him from here or here or hereContinue reading

buried fortune. the puppies are coming too.

The puppies are coming to New York City blog family. I trust this move is approved by our board of Cult. Sure this makes my life just that much more complicated in the long run, but hell, why not make it all a bit more difficult? Continue reading

yt sumner. hot bits of melbourne. solstice.

Namaste Blog Family and Cult of Ravishment

We are aware that my heart simply does not beat outside of New York City. However, there are aspects of Melbourne that, when I am fortunate enough to experience them, bellow the command of CLEAR and jump-start my fading pulse.

Such as one of the best damn Writers in this crazy world, the ultra-fabulous miss yt sumner. If you haven’t caught up on her current You and Me Postcard Project off you go to indulge! Continue reading

mapping the cult

Being able to connect with like minded lovelies all across the planet is one of my favorite things about having a webpage. You might notice a new addition to the right hand column as of late reading ‘Map of Visitors’. Clicking this link pulls up a world map with little red rubies showing where everyone is checking in from to say Hello (or Ciao or Tag or Bonjour or G’day etc). Continue reading

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