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the theory of a sell out

I’ve always been entertained by the notion of being a “sell out”. Over the years, I’ve seen the term thrown around in a variety of ways, andIMG_8022 I’ve read a variety of reactions to it.

As an Artist, I guess being a “sell out” means you make money for your Art. I can sum my reaction to this up in two words, “Get money.”

Many regular readers are aware, my lack of interest in commercial publishing is a big part of why I’ve kept a little word-ly corner here since 2009. Being unconcerned with pleasing a publisher, however, was never due to a fear of “selling out”.  I guess it’s a bit more egotistical, in certain ways.

I’ve always promised myself that my creative work is written mainly for one audience, Me. I encourage this theory as a priority for any Artist to consider. Some people have said, IMG_8069“Well, that’s because you have a fear of rejection.” My response, not so much. I simply took a different route.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing my work. There are no words for the feeling when a reader reaches out to say they’ve connected with something I’ve written. These occurrences are divine, but they aren’t why I started painting with words when I was eight years old.

I’m fortunate to be the sort of word-nerd who not only enjoys the creative expression language can provide, I also like stringing and structuring sentences in whichever way necessary at a particular time.

This is how I independently support myself (and the puppies) as a professional Writer in the center of the most expensive city in the country. Maybe some published authors would say I’m a “sell out” because I don’t pay my bills with my Art. Like I said, what a foolish concept.

“Sell out” is an inane term. Hopefully one day humans can evolve beyond it.

preliminary writer. i see you april.

Namaste blog tribe

IMG_7942_2It’s been just around three months since I’ve been outside of New York City – nearly five months since my wonderful Writer job took a dive and sent me all sorts of places from a farm upstate to the woods of north-west Connecticut.

And it’s all about to change… Continue reading


I’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately. It’s a lovely accompaniment to my daily meditations and something that’s been important in my life since I can recall. After having a wonderful class in Australia, I wasn’t able to find somewhere in the States that had the same resonance. So these days I practice where ever I’m squatting. There are actually tons of free classes online that make it simple to grab your mat and enjoy a private class with a few simple clicks. Continue reading

23 to 319 to 1287

My unforeseen four-month dip from life has brought forth all sorts of never expected epiphanies.

For example, I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s gotten me to exactly here. I went from a decade in Australia to 36-months state-side to this, essentially – now.

Australia is roughly the same size as the continental U.S. And there are 23 million people there, just about. In the States, there’s 319 million humans – approximately.

Sharing my life amongst such extremities is one of the components that makes me, Me. My unique contribution to Us, if you will. Continue reading

this internal. dwelling. top ten.

Love to you blog tribe.

IMG_7733I’m still internal. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I look around for the nearest sledgehammer to break the crystal globe I’ve been hibernating in the last few months.

It’s interesting to reach a point, after maintaining a “blah-g” for so many years, where I’ve literally retracted for an overwhelming number of reasons.

Top 10 Reasons I’ve Crept Into “Me” Continue reading

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