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artist. style.

Throughout the years I’ve been ranting words in the realm of FollowMeToNYC, Artist and Style have been two significant themes.

When I tell people I’m a Writer, it depends on the circumstance as to what type of writing we talk about. From what’s happening on Wall Street to whatever grit spilt from my pen that day.

As a Writer, I’m always keen to talk about words and expression – what I’m working on or might have read.

As an Artist, I’ve learned, sometimes – I don’t feel like talking at all.

Updating this site every single day for over three years was nothing to sneeze at. Since the first post, I divorced, got married, divorced and found the love of my lifetimes sitting in a cafe on the corner of 44th Street and 3rd Avenue. Prior to getting married again last August, naturally.

I buried one of my dogs and rescued another; I single-handedly got by writing without spending one day in another profession; I lost and met some of the most important humans I’ll encounter this time around. The amount of writing I’ve produced it limitless.

So yeah, it’s been productive. But mainly, it’s been lush. Now that I’m preparing to return to my home in Australia (wherever I set the next one up); I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ve seen during my time during the states. What I’ve learned, what I like, what I want to forget.

My greatest inspiration was and is Love. As long as I wanted to be a Writer, I wanted to be a wife. The second half of someone. Not only did I want it, it kept me awake at night wondering where he was, when we would meet. I was writing love poetry far before I ever kissed a boy.

In roughly a dozen weeks, the puppies, my Spanish viking and I kick off our Australian exodus. I’m returning to the far-away island I ran away to on a three month holiday back in 2002 and stayed until 2011. Talk about a new cycle. Style for miles.

Get ready kids… tick… tock.

engaged in spain

Namaste love tribe

Since I’ve fallen back in blah-gville. I’ve reconnected with my pre-2009 private self. Back before I decided to spend a few years using daily rants as a visualization tool to get me to New York City.

My time in Manhattan is on the decline. I’m not leaving tomorrow or anything, but my plotting and scheming game is on. I’m making plans, throwing darts, keeping secrets swallowed and grinning a lot in general.

During a recent impromptu trip to Spain, the most spiritually centered, global citizen I’ve encountered proposed forever.

How could I say no to that?

Interestingly, while I’ve had 1.5 husbands, neither of them proposed. It was more an agreement to bind to each other in a way we felt the state required. It was never about forever.

Certainly nothing like this. And this man, well – I’ll be keeping the details to mySelf.

But we totally need to talk about Spain…

I spent a week eating tapas, rolling through waves and drinking chilled Spanish reds. We smoked cigars and watched shooting stars. From the most southern point of Europe, I gazed across to the shores of Africa.

Between Madrid and southern Spain, we drove through mountains of olive trees and weaved along rocky coastline. I swam in two different oceans and heard Spanish spoken at lightning speed because, as my future husband advised, “We talk a lot faster in southern Spain.”

I stayed in three different houses, one with views of the sea from the bedroom balcony where the air reminded me of being home in Australia – scented with lavender and eucalyptus. I bathed in the Mediterranean as my man, a native of the land, approached me glowing in golden light declaring, “Stay with me forever.”

And that’s exactly what I plan to do.

In Spanish tradition, rings are worn on the right hand. A silver band represents engagement – gold is exchanged at the wedding.

Oh, and apparently I’ll be having something like that. Because according to my man. “You have never had this before, and I want to give that to you.” Continue reading

vikings. sunrise.

I spent last night sipping icy vodkas on a midtown rooftop with a viking. There were five of us all up, representing four continents.

I’ve already started the story… That said, my bloody writing section of this page is still a disaster from when I had a tanty and tore it down. Continue reading

back to the world

After a couple of day hiatus, I am returning back to the world. image

It was an entertaining five-day spree of flying around, sister cackles, hugs, puppies along with the usual plotting and scheming.

I am ever plotting and scheming. Continue reading

limping along. sperlonga. lets.

I’ve been limping over the luthier the past few days, and longing for Sperlongaimg_6026

The truth is, the love of my life and I didn’t fall out – life simply occurred. International issues with family do nothing for new found feelings. And so it ended, abruptly and instantly. Continue reading

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