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lets go to jersey

IMG_0104While Jersey has gotten a few shout-outs in my webland pocket, I’ve never impulsively jumped a bus there. Not until yesterday…

That’s right blog tribe, I bussed it to Jersey yesterday. Why? Exactly.

Sometimes things just happen.

The bus adventure was entertaining. First I went to Penn Station instead of Port Authority. I think the whole “P” word / west side thing scrambled my brains a bit. Fortunately, I was still listening to Allen Stone with a backpack of notebooks and ink – so I wasn’t tooo bothered with the wander between stations. Continue reading

R.I.P Syliva Browne.

While I was running around Colorado last week, I learned of Sylvia Browne’s passing on 20 November, eleven days ago.IMG_1613

Sylvia Browne lived a life to be celebrated. Cynics and skeptics were never her issue. While crowds of haters picked out every false prediction Sylvia made, she was writing amazing books about her experiences and opinions as a Medium – and starting a church.

Regardless of how anyone feels about the nature of her work, Sylvia Browne moved people, educated students and changed people’s lives for better. No inhabitant of Earth is perfect, it’s literally impossible. So I don’t really understand why the woman was verbally assaulted by so many non-believers. Each to their own, I suppose.

Francine and Sylvia are both on the other side doing very well, so I hear. Continue reading

thinking in stories and verse…

Namaste blog family

We have officially arrived at the final day of this particular US voyage. In a few hours I’ll be on an airplane zooming over the pacific to a far away island.

In the past twelve months I’ve somehow managed to spend a mere eight weeks in an office focussing on tasks that have nothing to do with who I am or what I believe I should be doing. It is quite possible I will have to paint myself pretend when I get back to Oz to hustle up some dough to fund the next trip back to NYC… we’ll see…

On the up side, I’m finding that the escape from false existence I’ve been attempting to hustle over the past thirteen months-ish has actually altered my thought processes. Continue reading

I’m here… I’m here!!

Namaste cult of all things blogish!!

I arrived in Arizona this morning after an intense over sleep and near flight miss. Because of beautiful Manhattan creatures keeping me occupied and out very late, my fate landed in the hands of an enthusiastic cabby more than happy to zoom me to JFK at 100 m/p/h.

I made it!! Continue reading

shout out to my australian people

My trip back to Australia is rapidly approaching. Shout out to all of my matesIMG_0173 down under checking in to see what I’ve been up to. Continue reading

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