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did someone say extension…

Dear Blog Family

After last week’s rant about getting booted from my job… I was asked yesterday if I could possibly stay longer. I said, “Hell yes” in the most appropriate phrasing for big business-like places where people wear suits. Continue reading

one aussie job down… one nyc gig coming up…

I’ve officially been notified that my current work contract is going to boot me as of 25 February 2011. Once I’m done paying my dues, I should have basically enough money for a plane ticket back to NYC.

This isn’t good enough blog family… we need to strategize. Continue reading

behind the scenes… oh my god i’m getting published!

Mucho emotional action has been occurring behind the scenes since I’ve returned to Australia from the┬áStates.

I thought I was doing a decent job of balancing everything until turning into a pile of moosh last week for a few consecutive days… then I realized something was up.

My day today was spent recalculating… thinking about screenplays and poems… stories and research… There was cooking because that’s what I do when I’m stressed. There were phone calls because sometimes only the closest people you’ve got can convince you ‘You aren’t crazy…’

And then came the email. Continue reading

why i try to never watch the news… ever…

Life in AUS vs life in the US is different, as I’m sure you can all imagine. There are pluses and minuses to each style of living… if I could somehow get a fifty / fifty time balance between each happening… that would be fabulous.

Something pleasant I find about Australia is that it’s quite easy to avoid the media. Living in the greater NYC area, it’s becomes near impossible. Especially when you consider the population density to boot. Your odds of simply overhearing something are a lot greater. Continue reading

on the up

I’m pulled together. I had a few teary days and moderate brain malfunctioning… all sorted. I wonder if people are less emotional than me or just not as blatant about it. Continue reading

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