take back. smack.

I have this way of exposing my veins;
Slit wrist form, outline another lover.
And he walks, questioning if I stay sane.
Left. Rewind. Just another basic her.
In solitude I shape new forms of fist.
I come back to a height too far above.
I can reconstruct pain into resist;
You’re back. No matter. Just another glove.
I stay stepping on whatever it takes;
Escape the abyss of you finding you.
It’s snapped in the past, my heart can re-break,
And I can amaze with ways I undo.
Grinding teeth remind of leaving again
While I straighten and say that I am fine,
Praying to be merely a prior when:
Once. That. Years ago, I swore she was mine.
I do not require “I love you” to live,
Choke on regret, what wasn’t yours to give.