So I’m trying to find a house to rent that’s not garbage in a decent neighborhood… easier said than done.

And of course there’s the issue of the ‘two small terriers’. I think this adequately describes the puppies. What sort of a landlord doesn’t want a property full of puppies?

Out of concern that negative connotation attaches to the term ‘terrier’ I’ve adjusted my query phrasing to, ‘Ummm, what’s the animal policy?’ Or ‘Two small dogs…’

We’re at the stage of calling in ugly moving favors in from mates down south. Things from, ‘So when can I borrow your truck?’ to ‘Are you ready for the six houses I need you to spend your Saturday inspecting for me?’

Then there’s the consistent favorite of the locals being hit up, ‘Will you come over and help me pack? I have tequila…’

The last time I moved I had one of those kind of packing companions… I’m still finding forks we thought were funny to pack in odd places. I found one taped to theย back of a picture frame just the other day.

First things first… house.

Dear Melbourne,

I need a house on the north side that doesn’t have to be where I used to live on Separation Street in Northcote… but anywhere around there is cool. Oh and I also need a job so I can pay rent.

See you soon,

gretchen cello

That should do me…