verified volcano

My boiling stomach erupts.
Emotional uncertainty.
Unlikely incidents punch out a clay shape.
Fire to harden.
Melting to reflect a glaze that binds me
In a haze of trying. Failed attempts to act like I accept.
Shoved down to the sounds of systems that say
I must pay to survive.
Get by.
Connected with a place beyond pace and race
Where it’s safe
To love without fear and discus how it’s hard to be here.
This world that twirls lost souls and black holes and breeds us to pretend.
Condescending cries and television lies about
How we do what we need to do to get by.
Survive on alibis that say we’re ok.
Riddle me why we’d rather lie.
Then stop.
Knock off.
Religion separates states
While humans fester in mistakes of believing individual can happen.
My reflection in your eyes exceeds wondering whys and hows.
Because my memory goes far.
By gripping the conscious decision to not forget or accept not yet.
Waiting for this world to awaken
To an unconditional acceptance and appreciation
Of where we’re from and where we are all on our way.
Darkness surrounds polluted grounds
Testing and trying and tearing.
As a creature of light
I won’t stop the fight
Because what’s out of your sight is inside my head.