when he walks (backwards)

his skin was abruptly m(y)
landscape to discover
one other reason i became
so quiet. it took years
to achieve a possible
concept. i straightened
in a shoulder down, head
up position. and i never told
him. a w(8) of masculinity.
how long can… might catch him.
be/cause he consistently
swore. he would. find me.
while i blushed, he found
another way to strut and hold
something i exclusively reveal
to a certain over
six something plus
perfection with honest
eyes and ways; which are
so rare inside this illusion.
yet he kissed me. so inn-
ocent. gentle. it is all ridi-
culous. who did i ever be-
come closer to… an essence
defining a final walk to
reality. please. baby.
come. home.