14 SLEEPS. i keep… going to the river.

I went and saw Radiohead tonight. It briefly took my mind off the luthier.

Not for too long.

At the moment it’s pushing 3am and I’m blasting Ella Henderson. Mainly on a lyrical basis:

I keep… going to the river to pray… cause I need, something that can wash out the pain.

And at most, I’m sleeping all these demons away. But your ghost… the ghost of you… it keeps me awake.

I’m essentially at the halfway point of, “wait, where’s my boyfriend?” I’m completely uncertain of what the next 14 days has in store – other than the fact that somewhere in there… I’ll wind up in Rome. Roma, as my darling refers.

Whatever. I never know what the next hour holds – none of us do. I have a love / hate relationship with that.

The number of stories firing in my head lately is worth mentioning. Someone at Radiohead tonight said to me, “You don’t usually come out with us, what do you do in your spare time?”

And I was like, “Write…”

When you’re the token word-nerd in the office, you can imagine how boring this reply is.

Two weeks until I leave for Italia. You better believe, I count the seconds.


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