dislocation. (done.)

dislocation. (done.) to advance beyond this one. that set ideas; i knew, and turned. notions of sacrament proposed by youth: into; time told again that, he was never able to propose. a welcoming arose, i walked into light. i slit skin to expose sun-rays, secret of patien(ce)(ts). wildlife concertos call me back. feel. self. return. cutting off. you(r)(‘re) r(eign)(ain).

bermuda. my love. life.

Namaste blog family I'm back in Bermuda at the moment. As I've mentioned, work has required me to travel here from time to time over the past 12 months. One day I hope to holiday here. Work days are super long when I visit these parts. I work until midnight usually and return to the office at eight. It's a good thing I love my job, otherwise... I might be cranky. Alas, work no longer makes me cranky. Working in the guts of New York City (and of...
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