nathan wills

Ever since one of my best friends, Nathan, killed himself 18 months ago - I simply have not been the same. Nathan and I were on this entirely different level, you see? I wrote my first poem inspired by him, How Far Gold Extends, in 2010. When I tell people how he did it, how Nathan stabbed himself twenty times, they cringe and say they don't want me to talk about it. And I understand how no one would want to hear such a macrebe story. But, I...

three times. lucky.

Three times. Lucky. Number one was nothing. Had his design Represented a single merit of Worship, today would be an anniversary. Like learning reality of above. The second one was a complete write-off. Five foot nothing. Hand raising. Mouth running. Fool. I tried to speak and could only cough. You fucking. Sick. Bitch. I hope you soon. Dye And color the ways one and two don’t count. Should anyone ask me, I will say. Three.
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