and another one bite[’]s the dust

then another one bite s the dust i love getting jaggedly. shoved to a reminder that i have this body shaping to form. i only hope. you have not bothered to believe forever. i forgo(e)t. time before we arrived, i stood up. this t(w)(o)o. counting became how days went by without participate. require. what if there was only one possible? when? the call. dis- ruptures. we stay moving in a cement government. mold. again. i refroze, literally....

outline this. (expression)

outline this. (expression) i moved inside. midnight. like touching: i… walked and resided to find roaming. that discovery… that this physical try incapably accommodates my… what… do you know anyone… who pushed… so… hard… never learned to walk. i saturate. drift. my memories born within. crystal shards. broken, sharp outline. you fold to resist. making shapes. we enlighten reflection. seasonal turns. of what i must produce:...

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