Upright Delphic

Upright Delphic Like. I try. To be What something Wants to make Worth. Can you Ever tell me How I am supposed To be. No one knows About us. I smile When I want to scream; I nod. And everyone Else is paying Taxes and eating Meat. I am nothing Outside of fitting In. I only want To be. Out. Be- Cause… mine is Never to be Under Stood.

assure allegiance

assure allegiance when he touched me. i awoke. and my eyes discovered ways to widen and expand. it was like i suddenly became more stretched. i could be. pulled in more directions. a north south east west way of expressing how i reach for him. cut arms. strong thighs. his body wraps me in limbs and whispers. that i should never doubt; my only truth. the one way anyone. broke. through… i opened. to him. wide arms, spread legs moving forward in...

tahiti. two steps home.

Namaste blah-g family I'm sitting in the 2am moonlight, with very little clothing (ok,none), a glass of French rose and a lot on my mind; on the deck of my personal water hut - tucked away along the Tahitian coastline.  Having a lot on my mind in the southern hemisphere is different than when I'm spending time in New York City. It's been nearly five years now since I've been there, I'm astonished by what I've achieved. I haven't really had a...
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