a brewing adventure

Considering that I’ve officially been back in Australia for just over four weeks, adventure time is nigh…

In addition to feeling flat about my script… I’m running out of editing juice. I’ve been staring at the screen a bit too much recently and my eyeballs are rolling out of my head…

Therefore we will be live from Melbourne come Monday! I’m not sure for how long yet… I bought a one way ticket. Could be a few days… could be forever until the next NYC stint…

Only one way to find out!

Armed with laptop, ink, and suitcase… take off is Monday morning.

Here’s a piece from the collection I’m presently editing…

empirical empathy

kaleidoscope care combines
rainbows of how i love you.
uneven shapes change with every…
new circle of light.
ways you beam facing the sun.
how i spin and…
up, down, the colours of your
swaying branches.
rattle my tree.
watching your reds turn violet,
violets turn gold.
through my telescope
you shine brighter…
blending with surroundings
… just fitting in.

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