adjust to surround

As a Writer, I believe there’s a lot of influence in one’s surroundings. When I look over my work through the years, from New York, then Australia, back in New York and now upstate in the country – I can often feel the environments where each piece was born.

There’s merit to Residence programs when Artists dip to beautiful places to shed their ordinary space somewhere exceptional and see what comes.

It’s been nearly four weeks since I left Manhattan. And while I miss and long for her the way I always do in our periods apart – she’s always there for me, and she always delivers when I need her the most. Also, there’s a safety I feel in her being two hours south, opposed to two days of travel like when I was in Australia.

Right now, after being through a fair amount in the past three years: two divorces, corporate mayhem, countless sleepless nights and the other ups and downs that life delivers… it’s divine being placed in the middle of nowhere, with some animal friends and a peace and quiet that just doesn’t come when you live in midtown.

I’ve been working on a few different things, but mainly, I’m just trying to relax. Working as an Executive, I’ve basically been on a 24-hour clock for the past few years. At the moment, I’m not on anyone’s clock. For the most part, I don’t even know what day it is. I wake up before the sun comes up and structure my time around writing and loving the furry creatures outside as we all withstand the coldest months of a New England winter.

I guess you could say I’m hibernating. And as the words unravel and I approach the end of Novel, I’m embracing this magical opportunity I’ve stumbled into.

And naturally, dreaming of spring.

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