an unsupervised weekend

I will be having playtime with some of my favorite people over the weekend… ones that I haven’t seen in ages! HOORAY!!

This evening I will be catching up with young Botchy who also happens to be the puppies Godfather. I’ve been telling them he’s coming to visit all week and they have been dancing up a storm over it.

The last time I got down with Botchy was right before I left for the NYC. It was the time we were drinking frozen watermelon mojitos out of beer glasses from Vanuatu. At least that’s how the day started… that was before I somehow wound up fully clothed in the Brisbane River. Fortunately I live near the water so it was a short stroll home to dry off… just in time for amateur strip night in the city.

It’s great to be home!

In terms of work, I’m busting out 2000 words a day in two different books and cleaning up my script. I really wanted to finish the screenplay earlier, but sometimes things don’t work out how we predict. Although I did get a lot done quickly, I learned it’s now always about how fast you can do something – you want to have a fantastic end result.

Poems and short stories flow in between. Half of my material to ‘self-publish’ is organized. So all in all things are coming along sweet.

… I deserve some playtime with my peeps this weekend.

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