and then i googled myself

For some reason I never considered googling my blog until yesterday… Of course I not only did I also had to do (shout out to my Australian people! spewing i’m missing Tiesto in Brisbane 31 Jan… BOO!)

The results (for FollowMeToNYC) were as follows:

US google: 1 780 pages

AUS google: 1820 pages

I suppose since I’m not changing my domain name that just means I’ll have to come back during NYC’s summer… this way we can have an Aussie hiatus until, say, August … and then return. I think I’ll just change my tagline to ‘…6 months ’til the city!’ and proceed from there…

Thoughts anyone?

Six days into ‘detox’ my vegan diet has been easy and I don’t miss booze… but I’m still drinking coffee… lol. I hate admitting when my mother is right. I’m working on approximately five projects at the moment… now’s hardly the time to take a break from coffee… total vice.

I wrote a poem today about finding your voice as a Writer. I think it’s interesting how a lot of Writers write under an alias. I guess I started thinking of all this since googling my blog tag in comparison with my actual name and getting confused. So no aliases as of yet…

… ‘gretchen’ is complicated enough for me.

Here’s a poem I wrote after pondering all of this…

artful prowess

How ambiguous it is comparing…
Style to Art with purpose. Pressing boundaries,
unexplored territory. Caution brings
fear. Emotion. This is quite contrary
to music. That modifies how I feel
environments. An assortment of ways
create inspiration. Construct what’s real.
Presenting ideas. Gifts on a page.
Different volumes of voices and stories
conjecturing until experience
restocks my expanding inventories.
The slow burn of exposure, like incense.
Art comes in infinite methods and ways,
no rules pertain to how you play.

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