and a microphone

November 13, 2020 Posted by the writer

It’s time to podcast blahg tribe…

After over ten years of blahging, I’ve been on a search for a different way to connect with the outside world.

While I’m an easily sociable creature, a lifetime of being a Writer paired with three divorces from insane dropkicks has sent me somewhat inwards.

Particularly over the past three or four years…

And I’ve loved every moment.

That said, there is something sacred about connection. During it’s prime when FollowMeToNYC was banking four social media accounts and being updated every day, there was a period of time where I really felt like I built something.

I’ve said it a million times, satisfaction to me as a Writer has nothing to do with selling stories, it comes when I connect people through my favourite art… when my woven words create conversations and covens.

That makes me happy.

And let’s not forget, when I was busting out of teen-dom into adulthood during college, refusing to take a single writing course during my undergrad degree because no one was going to teach me what I was born to do… I did radio.

I love radio.

As years blow by and the world changes around me, radio is now podcasting… and podcasts have uniquely embedded themselves in so many people’s lives.

I ordered my microphone yesterday. I’m kind of peeing my pants about it all. New project time. New public project, I should say. I’m always shuffling and hustling behind the scenes, it’s been awhile since I really reached out into inter-web land.

There will be websites and social profiles, weekly chats and an exciting start to completely unexplored territory.

More on all of that soon…

i’m out here glitchin

November 8, 2020 Posted by the writer

… but my screen won’t load


in New York i millie rock

November 8, 2020 Posted by the writer

hide it in my sock

and i’m on da block


Nick Snider is not an asshole

October 23, 2020 Posted by the writer

Nick Snider really wants to be an asshole.

I understand for me to even mention that name makes no sense, and I couldn’t agree more. I have no idea who that is.


tapping tonight

October 1, 2020 Posted by the writer

I’m at another random bar with another random stranger wearing your pants, no panties, and waiting to bleed.

I wonder if he can smell it…

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