b boys. books. being.

Yesterday on my way to eat Spanish food on restaurant row, I was pleasantly ambushed by a group of dancing boysIMG_0073 flashing their abs in a variety of fleshy contortions.

B boys!

I must direct your attention to the accompanying photos blog family. Note the lack of cardboard. Homeboys were straight snaking on cement. It was a remarkable beginning to my Friday-eve celebrations.

On that note, HAPPY FRIDAY Y’ALL!

My weekend is booked with book. See the picture of that big pile of pages? THAT is a manuscript love tribe. Once novel is finished my heels will click so loudly I reckon all of my mates in Australia will hear it. Then I’m going to dance around my apartment with the puppies, and possibly hyperventilate.IMG_0069

Then it’s time to start writing letters.

Dear Publisher

I like to write. Ok I love it. And I do it a lot. Some times, people give me money for it. Let me know if you like my book. In closing, IMG_0093thank you.

Yours truly, Gretchen

Writing a novel is hard. Although, I feel like I’m personally putting a lot of pressure on myself to produce something that will always proudly be “my first”. Poetry: Volume One will always be my favorite collection, simply because there’s something uniquely raw to it that can’t be captured in work to follow.

Never the less. I feel better this week. After re-setting my phone, life honestly feels simpler. Had I realized, I would have deleted all of my contacts ages ago.

Here’s some Soul II Soul for your day. Love.

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