back in australia. don’t want to be here.

Namaste creatures of gorgeousness

First things first… shout out to Portugal and Italy! I see you checking in!

Second thing… the puppies greeted me with exactly the “WE MISSED YOU WE MISSED YOU!!” required for my survival. They also tossed in a “We promise we can handle the flight!!” and we all agreed that sooner or later they’re getting to New York City with me.

Now, third thing…

I do not want to be here. Not even a little bit. Even in my realm of being a mystical fairy, I’m not the type to say things like “Make ‘the best’ of where you are” to make myself feel better. I’d rather manifest change.

Approximately five hours after landing here in the land of far away, I had my first nervous breakdown of the week. I note the week because I imagine there will be many over the next few days.

So I stood in my empty house sobbing jet lag tears that I accented with urgent phrases like, “I can’t do this anymore!” and “I’m over it!” while the poor puppies helplessly stared with grave concern. To ensure they don’t worry, I pulled myself together and took them out with my bicycle shortly after.

I  understand this is all a bit over the top… but over the top seems to work in my favor.

I’ve got about two weeks of tricks up my sleeve. Therefore I am off to drink herbal tea, chill myself out, get some writing done, and think happy thoughts. I shall remain positive about these tricks. If none of them pop over the next 14 days, that just means I have to make a few drastic calls. And drastic for me, like over the top, somehow always fixes things…

2 thoughts on “back in australia. don’t want to be here.

  1. mother of jaysis that was a quick three weeks. Head down and horse through it as we say here. Or one of my own made up sayings – if I was at home, when I wasn’t at home, I’d stay at home – one I say regularly when I’m in a jocker in work, or in the mother in laws đŸ™‚

    1. How I adore the way you pop in at all the perfect moments. My dear man, in some ways I feel closer than ever before. After some exercise, meditation, and a few Manhattan mantras… I’m steady back on the horse đŸ˜‰

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