blue sticky fingers. interview!!

Day 9 on Yankee soil!

The love around me has words spilling, laughter echoing, and consistent sighs breathing fresh, lilac-scented secrets that whisper, I think I might just finally be onto something…

I have an interview on Monday in Manhattan. It’s more of a preliminary screening… but I must admit… I’m quite excited at the opportunity to put on my grownup clothes and dance over to midtown… I’ve already started rehearsing lines that sound like ‘I promise to be on my very best behaviour in exchange for some funding to pay for future bikini zombie movies and a self-published collection of my inky emotion… pinkie swear…’

In between job begging, manifestation practices, and syllable painting I’m catching up with my history… people in my life that I haven’t seen for decades.

One of these catch-ups involved fluffy blue fairy floss and coconut rum…

Carnival rides are the best. As much as I’m a fan of amusement parks, something about the uncertainty of surviving a rickety fair ride always feels much more satisfying. Especially when you’re wired on more sugar than anyone should ever consume in say, a twelve month period.

With the inadvertent weight resting on my shoulders for what I’m discovering has been some time now… a tongue laced with feathery confection during a night out with a best friend reassuring, ‘Gretch, you’re a Writer. It’s your thing, like, it always has been… something’s gonna pop…’ was an absolute necessity.

Hopefully my looming NYC gig offers dental coverage… onward ho!

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