booties. olives. gorgonzola.

DSCN4546Many moons ago when I first set off to get back to New York City, I was living in a century-old farmhouse along the central coast of Australia. I remember one of my first trips to the grocery store down under which involved my heart-grabbing revelation of, “What do you mean you have no gorgonzola cheese?”

Since then I have moved here there and everywhere before plopping into my current, most-favorite land of Hell’s Kitchen. As I continue to recapture my health after it being knocked a bit last week, yesterday I needed things:

Gorgonzola cheese, delicious olives and booties for Peanut to protect her toes from salty sidewalks.

One of the reasons I adore the magical land of Manhattan, is that all three of these things were obtainable without leaving my block. I crossed the street for the food and snatched up the booties from downstairs.DSCN4535

When I was outside of the city, I remember looking in and thinking Man, those cats really overlook the conveniences. During my brief stint in Queens, I remember getting cranky because I had to walk three blocks to the store – that feels like three miles in this city. Now when I walk three blocks, I’m halfway through my commute to work.

Put simply, I think the fact that I can score dog booties, gorgonzola cheese and scrumptious olive mixes just by walking out of my front door is spectacular. This week I’m going to decide whether to start yoga or Pilates… I live a block away from each studio I’ve got my eye on.

With everything in my lap at the moment, my mind has more time to wrap around words. I’m still shooting for my novel to be done my July – the latest.

Click clack click.

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