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nearly one week down!

I can’t believe my first week is nearly down! 100_0888I expected the first week to be full on, it didn’t disappoint! At least inside leaf peeping, family-playing-with, cider drinking, friend visiting, and culture catching up… I still got some writing done! Continue reading

Slasher flick!

Part of my logic behind bouncing out of Australia is because, as a fussy, temperamental, writer I’m overly sensitive to environment. At the moment I’m locked away in the middle of the forest awaiting some voyages into town to swim in the opportunities I believe only New York City has to offer.

100_0820My cousin, like myself, has his own artistic talent he’s trying to make happen in attempt to avoid the spiritual decay of having to carry out a ‘career’ that offers virtually no recognition of what you’re actually skilled at – he’s a director. So 1 upcoming director + 1 upcoming writer = script requirement. Continue reading


I consider every human being my family… as hippy-esque as this might sound. At 31 years old, you can’t change who you are. Continue reading

Five, six, pick up sticks

100_0808In order for me to earn my keep Mom said I had to pick up sticks… so yesterday was a day of stick picking, trying to un-jetlag myself, and chipmunk stalking. Continue reading

i can TASTE it

Autumn is rocking my world. When I left Brisbane the Jacarandas were just starting to bloom. So far they’re my favorite tree in Australia, something about purple flower leaves is lusciously electric. However…IMG_0005 since I am a bias New Englander / autumn baby / Halloween worshiper … they don’t hold a candle to anything like this – Continue reading

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