malaga. cross country. australia.

Next week I'm off to Spain, a week after that I'm driving across the country with one of my favorite boys and the puppies, from Los Angeles - it's back to Australia. Goodness me... goodness me... Excitement isn't quite the word to grip all of the happenings around me, fulfillment is better. Not only have I been rocking the shit out of New York City for six and a half years, I'm finding my way home in the exact timeframe I said I would. I have...

mood AF. ode to bey.

Tonight, and this weekend in general, I've been like (af)... My sincere apologies for officially becoming the whack blah-ger who isn't here on the daily. It's not that my thoughts and energy aren't excited about rounding out the whole Australia to Manhattan back to Australia circle, girl - it just takes a lot of bloody work. Fortunately, as a light working species on this planet... I totally got this. I spent the St Paddy's holiday weekend...

let them roll over me

echo i still. have these memories — (and this world) in it. i found a voice (that) i never he(ar)/d him and eye did not tell any — one. and that is how we survive. it’s how we get by when he tells me to(o) - listen t — o (o) — it loud. a language the couple of us. talk about when we swallow these secrets. that not one can please (he/a/re).
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