suddenly we

suddenly we And I was Moved. Like water Like Earth. Never Was this time - Where melted; Memory keeps One Awake. And My... Tongue... Speaks... Bit down. There are drums On My shoulders. Shaking to a foreign... Refined. Purified. Of comfort. Something I may never Achieve. And I am (pleading) grinding Beats my steps take. Stealing direction While I follow To relay a type of word. Suddenly. We Dance.

still listening. park dancing.

I've had The Lumineers on repeat for the past 24 hours. I've memorized all of the words by now and danced through Central Park with the puppies at 5.30 this morning, headphones in tow - bouncing on my toes and watching the sun come up. Tripping on the lyrics. I like the words SO MUCH that I'm actually going to post them right now. It's my poetry remix... this is how the words look in my head and feel in my stomach while my head shakes side to...

Butterfly face. Fly.

I've been a social butterfly all week and learned that it makes time fly. Other exciting activities this week: I learned that my landlord hasn't paid any common fees on my apartment. I further learned that the hoity toity application process that approve common folk like moi into "luxury" establishments was never carried out. Alas, I was essentially smuggled in with Peanut back in December and now, in a way, am fully squatting. Building...

swallowing why

swallowing why I’m gonna wash you off my karma. You and your baby’s mamma. And the next time you ask if I wanna, I’ll smile and say “Nice to have known ya.” Because your bullshit lies come super-sized with sides of fries - I began to understand that the tears were not my cries. But your disguise left me none wise while you sat in silence and I talked to the sky. Thriving goodbye. Swallowing why.
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