let them roll over me

echo i still. have these memories — (and this world) in it. i found a voice (that) i never he(ar)/d him and eye did not tell any — one. and that is how we survive. it’s how we get by when he tells me to(o) - listen t — o (o) — it loud. a language the couple of us. talk about when we swallow these secrets. that not one can please (he/a/re).

artist. style.

Throughout the years I've been ranting words in the realm of FollowMeToNYC, Artist and Style have been two significant themes. When I tell people I'm a Writer, it depends on the circumstance as to what type of writing we talk about. From what's happening on Wall Street to whatever grit spilt from my pen that day. As a Writer, I'm always keen to talk about words and expression - what I'm working on or might have read. As an Artist, I've learned,...

one week. strong.

Today is the one week anniversary of my 39th birthday. Just sayin... Tomorrow, also, I go back to the office to see all of my friends after three months. My work from home game was super strong for the past 90 days-ish. Highlights include working remotely in Spain and, of course, getting married. I've never been so quiet in my entire life. I figure it means I'm in love. I'm officially in escape to Australia mode. Step one: puppies need a six...
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