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the hierophant. 6 of 22.

December 28, 2010 Posted by the writer

the hierophant

Remember how I said that we find who we are meant? Did you feel that when you first saw me watching you?

Do you know how you effect me?

Sam taught me about magic. I lived with him for many years before he started telling me things. He silently observed me reading books about the occult and divination. Back then I believed there was something mystical to it.

I now apprehend the great difference between the principals of magic and esotericism. These days magic, to us, is something facile. The craft is not what Sam taught me which proved of value.

He taught me the limitless potential of ritual. (more…)

the emperor. 5 of 22.

December 27, 2010 Posted by the writer

the emperor

Knowing what to do with it, to me, has sometimes felt like the hardest thing.

When I initially arrived in the city, a job and shelter were my two priorities. I stayed in a hostile on the lower east side for two weeks and focussed.

Focus is an intense power, learning to control thought and limit distraction. Acute empathy is one our greatest strengths and most dangerous weaknesses. There are shielding mechanisms to protect us from our own sensitivities, but they never appealed to me. I feel alienated enough, disconnecting from emotion removes the one way I manage to relate to other people. (more…)

the empress. 4 of 22.

December 26, 2010 Posted by the writer

the empress

I remember the two hour ride into Manhattan more clearly than many other moments gone. I felt confident for the first time, somehow reunified with life. I had Connie to thank for that.

Connie was the teacher I mentioned, my first. She read my palm and offered me green tea. I drank her warm offering and she carefully tilted the empty porcelain mug to capture rays of autumn sun filling her kitchen window. Asymmetrical leaves lined the inside of the beige cup.

She told me so many things. (more…)

the high priestess. 3 of 22.

December 25, 2010 Posted by the writer

the high priestess

I have struggled with it since youth, you know. Introductions begin as children. We dream in different ways, colors vibrate more potent shades, light takes on an entirely different meaning.

New purpose.

My early teenage years were terrible. A miserable battle between undeniable intuition and a daily requirement to attend a school that taught me nothing. Surrounded by humans veiled in fear. Young adults frightened they will never gain an acceptance that actually does not exist. Teachers afraid that the generation before them is aware of their incapability to provide any education of merit. (more…)

the magician. 2 of 22.

December 24, 2010 Posted by the writer

the magician

All of us are born with exact understandings, ability to act, divine free will. Nineteen days before we met is when I officially began business with my partner working from a small office in alphabet city.

It wasn’t that we required an “office” to provide our services, but it definitely granted us an instant impression of authority. As clients steadily began ringing our floor, there was an immediate confidence ingrained in them.

We have something they require.

From downtown lawyers to west village stay at home mothers, three or four new clients a day rang our bell. They climbed the splintered four flights to reach us. They knocked our red door with no hesitation.

They told us things they never imagined speaking out loud. (more…)

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