ode of despondency

ode of despondency this novelty of love knocked on my door. i opened. allowed, i permitted and felt patient. i felt like better could be. i presumed possibility and he corrected me. again, someone was close. then further. then. far. out of earshot. s w a a a l l LOWwwwwww. when i ground. face facing stars, with only love above me. will he hear my song.

someone has youtube

After being shitty over my second "husband" deleting all of my videos during another childish tantrum, I decided to fire youtube up again today. Uh oh. My first project from my video poetry page. Me reading The Summer That Burned Me over Mind One. That one hurt, blog tribe. Never trust a pair of violet eyes.  

the summer that burned me

the summer that burned me hibernating. to protect from outside weather. a fast season of summer came with sandy gold locks and violet blue eyes. convincing me temperatures stay the same. winter petals clenched. drooping to the floor. heat of his daylight, spring’s invitation. i filled with brisk air from autumn’s front door, prayer release. october invocation. a hot atmosphere stayed, at least it seemed - until months change, again. saying...

mandatory retreat

mandatory retreat You show up unannounced again, three days after I say I can’t see you anymore and six weeks after we meet. I would have told you not to come. But you caught me off guard, like the day I first saw you. There are things that I do and things that I have done that you will never know. It’s why you can’t keep coming here. It’s why I never should have agreed to see you twice. You think things about me that are not true. I...

a venerated vehicle

a venerated vehicle between. this. (k)new combination of reality. someone hurt him. this white trash baby mamma drama. loose pussy suburb trick. i saw it in his face. not her. to real women; she’s nothing. sometimes i practice not telling truth to what’s wounded. my throat was slit before - and i came back in this way i never talk about with anyone. but i saw him, and how he moves. his hands create. quickly. and he says little and i am...
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