deviation of desire

Namaste blog tribe I've been writing a lot of poetry lately. On that note, I traveled over to Lulu land to order some of my books and actually read them. I'm considering a "Lost Years" volume. Anyways, I giggled and blushed when I realized that I sold a few books in December. So shout out to the lovers that put my pages on their shelf. It is bloody freezing in New York City. I nearly froze walking to work yesterday, there's a 50% 50% chance I...

duration subtraction

duration subtraction Thirteen days post initial encounter I started waking up again at 3am. Every morning, a quiet hour of yoga and Rachmaninov. A few twirls. Chai. Poetry. Here and there. F hours later I was at board tables and you were fixing the world and both of us wondered how some things cannot be seen ever any sooner.

skyward enlivening

skyward enlivening when i opened to diffused light. subtle observation toward rest; a combination of unconscious became. again this rising. hot skin texture in scarlet shades. an afflatus to inflict a retrospection. and i recalled. drew. back. turning indigo. violet. gold. an hourglass within. like sand between my spreading fingers. stretched to capture a galaxy’s grasp.

to a lover. that was meant.

to a lover (that was meant) i embraced this opportunity to disclose something i have been dreaming. sleeping expressions with my eyes open while he spoke. i thought back to someone i could have been. and he never promised a thing. cold rain outside with a sunset in my chest, i said goodbye before he ever became aware.   A Great Big World Christina Aguilera - Say Something from Carl Sagan on Vimeo.

there was motion

there was a motion (of) he and i had this mutual habit of desiring elements that cannot be touched. while i reached and he retracted and i bent to an inward twist; some(thing)(one) other whispered to me that we belonged to one source. suddenly i found and never wanted or desired or expected or anything. with everything in front of me while my silence became bigger and greater. then i ever was. like pieces of time dripped to a solid oath. i...
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