cracked knuckle. grip.

cracked knuckle. grip. observing as you try to erase scars on nerves on a vibration which was never yours. and i nodded as i smiled as i grit my teeth to- o the sound of his voice condescending yet descending yet there could not be ever an ounce of any. when you throw what no one touches like an offer held no matter as you lit a hit of just some things out of control.

sadly. slipping.

sadly. slipping. you suppose you can delete these concepts shattering an already broken idea about what might have existed until psychotic intentions erupted and challenged thinking i was just another drooling admirer. someone that you could push. could ever touch. possibly perturb and find (a being) that could withstand your hatred. if i was cut like how you bleed there might have been a chance leaning toward survival. sadly slipping.

how to burn previous

how to burn previous if you saw clouds behind stars in your eyes you would never have blinked away infinity’s offer. unrolling without unwinding or untangling. opening where closure creeps out and you extend long greedy fingers stuck of guilt. sticking to your sweaty body. running to another low. skip the next step: forget another set of keys. turn back. return. "We will be beautiful..."

gutting goodbye

gutting goodbye 24 hour tears. Fall To a fatal force. Invisible Collapse. Will subtracting A feeling; No longer familiar. Once, a love learned, stolen And all I do is search. To touch what will never again. Be held. Like I held him close. I cried a lot at work today. I've been saying that I have allergies. I wish it could be something so basic. I actually think I might be allergic to life. I understand death is an inevitable conclusion to...

reviewing relive

reviewing relive i unlock: where he wraps essence around his finger. a treasure chest heart at the bottom of a pale ocean. and within this love this affinity this permanent vow to withstand criticism for truth in tears i discover what life means speaking backwards. it is basic. it is excessively integral to any chance surviving undisclosed reliability. a(waiting) a... second chance dreaming.
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